The updates to the syllabus

1)      Office hours will be maintained using Zoom. Please find below the time for office hours and the links to get on Zoom to contact me. You may install a Zoom app, but you are not required to do it. Your browser should be enough. If you will encounter any problem email me or call me.

M: 3:00  pm- 4:00 pm (Zoom:;

Th.3:00 pm – 4:00 pm  (Zoom:

Sa: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. (Zoom:

2)      The Links to the videos of the Lectures will be posted weekly on CUNY Academic Commons on Saturday by 10:00 am. They also will be posted on BlackBoard.  If you will have any problems with watching these videos, contact me asap.

3)      Our readings are on CUNY Academic Common. The assignment for readings will be posted every Saturday by 10:0 am.

4)      We will not have quizzes anymore. The grades for the quiz that you took have been posted on BlackBoard.

5)      You were asked to write in class 4 short responses to questions referring to one of the problems discussed in class. Now you will be required to write responses each week in response to the problem discussed in class. The questions will be posted weekly on Saturday by 11:59 am, starting March 21st . You will have to post your responses weekly on Wednesday by 11:59 pm, starting March 25. The questions for responses will be posted on BlackBoard. Your responses to these questions should be posted on BlackBoard. Students will be allowed to drop the three lowest grades.

6)      A new credit assignment. Each week students should contribute to the discussion of the class materials by posting one question.The assignment is on OpenLab The questions and responses should be posted on . You are required to post weekly only one question. The question is due on Friday, by 11:59 pm. You may post answers to the posted questions (not your own question) for extra-credit. Each answer will be counted as 1%. Your question should be related to the material discussed during the week when you post your question. If you post each week a relevant question you will receive an A for this assignment. Your answer (to be counted for an extra-credit) should answer clearly and directly to a fellow student’s question. You may accumulate up to 10 % of extra-credit with relevant answers.

7)      Students are required to write 1 short essay. The paper should be approximately 4-5 pages in length, typed, and double-spaced. The paper must be uploaded to BlackBoard. It stays the same – 20 % of your final grade. The assignment for the paper will be given at the end of April. It should be posted on BlackBoard by the last day of our class (check the syllabus)